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Riding in the passenger seat while the driver is on crack by Mike Lafontaine | Word Riot

September 15, 2012      

Riding in the passenger seat while the driver is on crack by Mike Lafontaine

Listen to a reading of “Riding in the passenger seat while the driver is on crack” by Mike Lafontaine.

In my early twenties I did everything
in my power to avoid responsibility
it was easy for me as I received
some inheritance money
from my dead father – well easy
if you call getting beat up
most of my childhood – easy – but that’s another poem.

I left everything behind in Sydney and traveled across
each province of Canada – getting drunk and meeting people
I settled in Vancouver for a time and I was working
on a building site illegally
I attended a party in Kitsilano a beachside suburb
of Vancouver with my roommate Jonny
and got seriously drunk

Jonny mysteriously disappeared
and with no way to get back home to North Vancouver
I accepted a ride from a guy called Jack
he had offered me a smoke
he had been smoking crack all night
I did not want any I was fine with beer
I said to him “Have you seen Jonny”
he said he left with the blonde with the fake boobs
from Alberta we had all been looking at that night
I just wanted to get home – I was done
Jack said he’d drive me we got into his Subaru
with the top down and sped off into
the Canadian night

Jack told me he was a poet and asked me
if I wanted to hear his poems I said of course I did
he got excited and started reciting his words
at the top of his lungs his arms flailing wildly
his eyes shone brightly – he kept looking in my direction
and not on the road and I was nodding to him
urging him on not caring that the car
was breaking lanes and swerving dangerously
to the other side of the road where if there
was any oncoming traffic it would have surely
ended our lives.

About the author:

Mike Lafontaine has traveled around the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States. He has seen things that haunt him still.

He earned a (BA) Bachelor of Arts in Drama, Writing and Performance and then a (MA) Masters Degree in Creative Writing from Macquarie University. He is currently working on a collection of poems and has completed a book of short stories while putting the finishing touches to a novel called “Disintegration”. He currently resides in Sydney, Australia with his girlfriend and their dog Lloyd.

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