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THE WORKERS ARE GOING HOME by David Greenspan | Word Riot

March 15, 2012      


Jonas drinks rainwater and thinks how hard it is to live in a construction site. His fingernails have grown long from climbing anorexic buildings. He brews green tea in Porta-Pottys. My name is Jonas and I’m so fucking tired. I wrap myself in toilet paper, pretend to be a mummy and fall down stairs, he says. The boxcar leaves right on time. Jonas heads towards Colorado and has knife fights with hobos. He sucks marrow from chicken bones while hand rolling cigarettes. He pulls out his dogteeth and they’re quarters. His molars are probably silver dollars. Jonas gets drunk with Jack Kerouac’s ghost. Jack Kerouac’s ghost can’t hold his liquor and pukes on One-Eyed Pete. Jonas and Jack Kerouac’s ghost get thrown off the boxcar and decide to train dolphins. They decide to hold a circus for pennies. Their clowns are all hobos and their cotton candy is made from pigeon feathers. Here’s the problem: Jonas has a snow globe with no snow. The Colorado Mountains have snow and varicose veins. The Colorado Mountains are supermodels, throwing up flannel and yarn. Jonas catches a supermodel with honey and fishing line, like a bee. He plants foxes in the black soil. He finds a cabin and makes fire out of wedding pictures and morning breath. He studies thunder in its natural habitat. Jonas swallows trees like anti-depressants and wishes so hard for an earthquake.

David Greenspan

About the author:

David Greenspan is the author of the chapbook ‘i tried to bear the elephants and lost’ (NAP 2012). His work has appeared in Dogzplot, Heavy Feather Review, Kill Author, Mud Luscious, Vinyl and other journals. Find candy at

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