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November 15, 2009      

The End by Rob Bass

Listen to a podcast of Rob Bass’ “The End.”

And they all lived happily ever after, the ferry cleared the bridge before it was lowered and Haruki’s dragcycle outraced the Dirtbike Vandals, and Tom finally worked up the courage to confess his love for Heather, and Jack learned to live in the woods in harmony with all the other creatures of the forest and in time the bear became the best friend that he had ever known, and the faceless conglomerate was prevented from buying up all of Mac’s land, so that his family would be able to stay for generations yet, now that the twins had finally shaken hands and buried the hatchet, and Karl finally realized that the upper-class Manhattan elite would never accept him and that, you know, maybe that didn’t matter so much, and the wandering tribe finally looked upon their home for the first time, and Mal learned the power of self-control and never told a soul what he saw underneath the bridge that night, and the gentlemen pirates managed to cut their hyperfrigate free and fold into upperspace, and Daniel and Liza went their separate ways without recrimination, and all of the struggling and striving turned out to mostly be worth it in the end, and all was well and all was good.

About the author

Rob Bass is a husband and father and writer and musician who ricochets back and forth between these identities with something resembling the finesse of a master of disguise, or at least a seasoned apprentice. He writes novels and comic books and short stories and songs and screenplays as fast as he can. His work has appeared in 3AM, Lily, Ducts, Carve, and Popular Ink.

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