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The Glass Angel by Philip Tinkler | Word Riot

April 15, 2011      

The Glass Angel by Philip Tinkler

Listen to a reading of “The Glass Angel” by Philip Tinkler.

The Glass Angel breaks apart twenty-four loveless pieces of mindless tally-time with a piano-slam jingle jive-hopped up on grape-blood with chatoyant bedroom Eyes of Horus sent to stagger-foot the wingless ones, those willow-headed gallery girls and tiger-shirted momma’s boys, those torn asunder on the jagged ends of Earth where drinks and lives are served on the rocks, and roll I my one-sided die to catch an Angel unaware, to wear her bonnie kisser as she undresses my worn eyes with naked love, breathing beside me in whisper-wheat silhouettes of shoulder bone shudders to roam my fingertips along her neck and imagine I’m on the peak of Scafell Pike, calling out as she soars above Castlerigg, above Helvellyn, above the ancient soil where Reivers and Romans drew thorns and painted my past lives in Cumbric red, calling out how I broke your heart to steal the pieces to place in the prison where I waited to ignite your jailbreak laughter, waited to watch you trigger-happy teasing tornadoes of prairie fringe around your finger-shush, waited to draw you in words, so I could hang you in haunted rooms where dust gathers to dance elbows of rust-leaf candelabra, waited to read your beaten heart like a postcard sent to the wrong address, waited to tear free my southpaw from the Christmas tree glow of your cheeks, to perchance pen your pain a Greek chorus to sing in your giggle-gummed voice, staged in a place of promise, a place where the band never breaks, a place where home is on the house, and the sun forever kisses my Glass Angel.

Philip Tinkler

About the author:

Philip Tinkler was born in the bucolic north of England. He has been published in places such as the Mad Hatters’ Review, Red Fez, The Dream People, The Southern Comfort Charity Anthology, and ChiZine. He lives in NYC with his words and woman. More of his ramblings can be found at

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