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Two Poems by Katherine Hoerth | Word Riot

March 15, 2011      

Two Poems by Katherine Hoerth

Breakfast with Fur

Listen to a podcast of Katherine Hoerth’s “Breakfast with Fur.”

When Picasso remarked that anything
could be covered in fur — Oppenheim obliged,
skinned the Chinese gazelle – removed flesh
from bone so speckled hair could cover elegant
teacups and elegant ladies could enjoy breakfast
with fur. Now we sip sir earl gray,
pour his full body into a neatly trimmed cups,
(blood and all things undesirable removed)
manicured as to not turn the stomachs
of us ladies —

so elegant. Now pour him
from a teapot and he’ll swirl
into the speckled fur. Add a dab
of honey – you can lick
the hair clean. Stir him with your flesh
covered spoon, and watch the whorl
of brown breath steam for you
in a hairy spiral. Wrap
your delicate fingers around his fleshy love
handle, and lift him from his bed
of fur — bring him to your lips, ladies
ever so delicately and raise your little pinky
in anticipation for his heat to kiss
skin. Taste

his hot breath before moisture meets
mouth — meet him with a little secret
tongue — but don’t let the other ladies
see you enjoying your sir earl gray.
Look as though you thoroughly don’t care
for this bristly forbidden cocktail
or know how to feel any sort
of pleasure.

The Blue Moment

Listen to a podcast of Katherine Hoerth’s “The Blue Moment.”

After Pablo Picasso’s “The Kiss”

A kiss is a breathing moment
 when two draw into one
 to share their tender ends…

but this kiss birthed
from the blue
 of the moment. When nose
 in nose two shared warm snot
 and saliva — a moment
When she reached into him —
her tongue germinating
from mouth — ever reaching
for the sunlight in the back
of his throat — parting the red
lips of his paralyzed
 face like a miracle. She tried
to swallow him
 whole. In one carp-like
 gasp she searched, reached,
longed, unsatisfied —
with empty cadaver
eyes open in dying

 desire. Sometimes
even the sourest
of kisses can taste
 like healing.

Katherine Hoerth

About the author:

Katherine Hoerth is the author of Among the Mariposas (Mouthfeel Press, 2010), a chapbook of poems. She is the recipient of the Nuestra Voz prize for women poets living on the US/Mexico border. Her poems have also been featured or are forthcoming in Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, Cold Mountain Review, and Front Porch. Katherine is finishing up her MFA in creative writing at the University of Texas Pan American and lives in Edinburg, Texas. Visit her online at

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