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Iambic Hiccups by Nate Stein | Word Riot

December 15, 2010      

Iambic Hiccups by Nate Stein

As she walks into my room, I can’t help
but see an oddity, a limp, in her

Off come her earrings, insecurities;
to the floor fall my shades, pretenses. I

My desk lamp brightens our humanity.
Under the light and four watchful eyes we

My hands don’t tremble, hers don’t hesitate.
She sees my tattoos; I see her scars. We

Nate Stein

About the author:

I have a degree in economics and a sense of adventure. Right now, I live in Shanghai where I spend my days pretending I am an author and my nights pretending I am not a kindergarten teacher. My personal website is

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