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Happy to be Hamlet by Stephen Longfellow | Word Riot

November 15, 2010      

Happy to be Hamlet by Stephen Longfellow

Listen to a podcast of Stephen Longfellow’s “Happy to be Hamlet.”

A dog is barking somewhere
every moment.

                      This one
—just now—

has nothing urgent about it, is
just a happy soliloquy for whomever

will listen to a knee-high point of view
bounded by a picket fence

about the smell of something
deliciously rotten

somewhere in the neighborhood.

About the author:

Steve lives at the end of a dead end in Northfield, Minnesota, and is happiest in summer when a hard rain knocks out the power, happiest in winter when the snow plow forgets his street entirely. Steve’s work has appeared recently in the Los Angeles Review, In Posse Review and Summerset Review, among others.

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