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Object by Marcos Soriano | Word Riot

August 15, 2010      

Object by Marcos Soriano

Listen to a podcast of Marcos Soriano’s “Object.”

I have stood at the rail in the glare of men’s gazes
touched the dull-throbbing brass, the dark-lacquered wood
pointedly ignoring
the weight of their insistent eyes.
A city such as this
houses all manner of hunters;
submissives scatter like white-rumped doe
with tails lifted in invitation
and surrender.
Bright handkerchiefs flashing, loaded with scent:
the rich stink of piss
the cloying musk of sperm-laden tissues
clotted together in the corner of a stall.
To stand at the trough urinal
dirty tiles before you
and the man to your side sly-gazing.
The motion of his hand down low
a blur the mind omits from remembrance,
a dark spot that will not hold the light.
The tile is so bright it blinds
and the torrent of your star-crossed lovelorn fetish
cannot provide the masturbator’s hands
with something worth holding.

About the author:

Marcos Soriano lives in San Francisco. His work has been published in print and online, in journals such as Quick Fiction, Instant City, Fogged Clarity, and Titular. He blogs at

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