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Everything is Living in the Lake by Alexander York | Word Riot

June 14, 2010      

Everything is Living in the Lake by Alexander York

1. My grandmother sits at the edge
of the lake with a cigarette in her hand.
She’s powered by something
very white.

2. There are reflections of birds flying
on the lake and they look like dense bulbs
floating in the water as fish surface and eat them.

3. I sit on the freshly cut-grass
and sneak my feet into the water,
and when I pull them out, they
are fins.

4. I like the idea, and fall
deep in the lake. I’ve become
my grandmother, and scaled
within minutes.

5. It’s so bright that I am actually
on fire and when I’m not screaming
I write notes and leave them at the side
of the lake, hoping to find something living.

About the author:

Alexander York is a graduate student and writer living in Chicago. Alexander’s work can be found or will soon be appearing in the Oyez Review, The Madison Review, Strange Machine, and The Red Rock Review. His hobbies include cooking delectable Mexican dishes, and riding his bike until the pedals fall off.

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