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I Am Okay by Greg Santos | Word Riot

May 14, 2010      

I Am Okay by Greg Santos

Poetry makes me feel lonely sometimes.
But that is okay.
I like to eat pork rinds, too.
I feel guilty about that.
I can’t help myself of their porkaliciousness.
I made that word up.
I bet someone else came up with it first.
But that is okay.
My heart feels like a stressball
and I just have to let the feeling pass.
Time heals all wounds or something.
I just can’t help picking at the scabs.
Why do anything when one can
just sit and stare at airline ads all night long.
I think I have a weak inner ear.
I get sick every time the earth
revolves around the sun.
I am a faulty little satellite.
The night is sick and wants to throw up stars
but things could be worse.
I will continue to write stanzas in the sky,
they will be my twinkling friends.

About the author:

Greg Santos is the author of the poetry ebook Thinking Things Through published by Pangur Ban Party. His writing has appeared in publications such as McSweeney’s, The Best American Poetry Blog, The Feathertale Review, Gloom Cupboard, Six Sentences, and The Brandi Wells Review. He lives in New Haven, Connecticut with his wife. He is the poetry editor of pax americana. He also blogs here.

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